Your spaceship is out of power, lights have faded out, you're alone, almost...


The alien is frightened by the light, you can use your embedded lamp but your supply is limited. Go into the lit areas to charge up. Find the master switch to put the light back into the level and proceed to the next one.


  • Arrows or WASD to move
  • Left Mouse Click to use your lamp, controls the direction with mouse pointer
  • Spacebar to pause/unpause


This game was made with in 72h for the Ludum Dare #39 game jam, theme: Running out of power.


  • Added support for WASD controls
  • Fixed missing frame in monster animation
  • Fixed lamp does not charge after certain time standing in light
  • Tweaked the distance at which the monster could be frightened by the lamp, that's still not much, so take care!


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Nice stuff.


Thank you! Maybe you've noticed already but I'll say it nevertheless: It's a Ludum Dare (game jam) entry, if you consider rating it on it's ludum dare submission page (link at the top of the page) we would greatly appreciate it. :)